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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to get in over the years. >> reporter: this first responder sound system can communicate vital safety information up to 7 football fields long. >> remain calm. do not leave the area. please assemble at a safe distance from the barricade until you are called forward. >> reporter: but there's no convincing this person, her son shot and killed by oakland police. she says he was unarmed and police tactics have gone too far. >> and the military, you are trained to shoot to kill! that's what he did to my boy! he shot him like a animal in the streets. >> reporter: this civil rights lawyer and mayoral candidate dan siegel says local leaders need to step up. >> despite the presence here for 7 years, it's not only been not one peep out of anyone in city government. >> reporter: vendors at urban shield insist it's about advancing technology for public safety like this trauma kit stored in military vests.
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>> this material is used for four or five years overseas in iraq and afghanistan with our special operations forces. >> that's why they are protesting today. they don't want military combat gear on police personnel. >> well, these are -- we're talking about saving a life and our kits have been used to save civilians that have been shot. >> reporter: and while the vendors inside say it is about saving a life, these protestors here say the message is more about war and military tactics. but allen, so far it's been fairly peaceful, although the street is blocked off here along broadway street between 11th and 9th streets. law enforcement all around. >> i was just going to say, juliette, the protest was supposed to start about an hour ago and obviously it's growing bigger and bigger but police seem to be taking this sort of quiet passive response. they are just looking on at this point. >> reporter: yeah. i asked a couple of law enforcement agencies, one of them alameda county sheriff's department. their primary goal is to
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protect the convention center. opd is here along the streets what they are doing is redirecting traffic. they are going to let the protest go for a little while, keep it peaceful and then play it by ear past 6:00. >> oakland has certainly learned some lessons in that regard. juliette goodrich, see you at 6:00. thank you. new at 5:00, a family is blaming san jose police for the death of a teen killed by a stray bullet at a house party. kpix 5's len ramirez is in san jose with the police stop after that party that led to a lawsuit. >> reporter: no doubt about it, this is a tragic set every circumstances. and the question that now seems headed for a jury, did a police car stop right here at this intersection contribute to or even cause this young person's death? >> all we know is we have a young person that's dead and shouldn't be dead and he is dead as a consequence of the police delaying the process. >> reporter: east bay civil rights attorney john burris has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the city of san
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jose blaming police officers for delaying medical attention for a wounded teenager -year-old gerardo jorge medina, a 16-year-old teenager, a delay they say cost him his life. medina was on a party in june of 2013 when he was innocently hit in the stomach by stray gunfire. his friends put him in a car and drove him to the hospital. but police stopped that car about 4 blocks away at story and white roads. burris says the friends pleaded with the officers to let them take their friend to the hospital. >> the police officers, uhm, did not accept it. they held them at gunpoint. they made all the kids get out of the car. while there, they could see that he was physically injured. they ultimately called a paramedic. >> reporter: burris says the delay took 20 minutes. medina was eventually taken to regional medical center, which is less than two miles from the shooting scene, but was pronounced dead. burris says the teens may have been racially profiled. >> obviously, one of our issues here is whether they were stopped, one, because they were
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latinos, young latinos, and, two, whether they had committed any type of crime. >> reporter: we did call the city of san jose for a response. we got a response from city attorney rick doyle. this is what mr. doyle had to say. quote, the police officers acted appropriately. these were very difficult circumstances. but they did everything right." the lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of mr. medina's father. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. hayward police are looking for the man who beat a 70-year- old into a coma at kennedy park. the brutal attack was largely ignored by a group of people nearby. police say the person entered the park's picnic area to collect cans sunday evening. he was approached by a man who punched the victim so hard it knocked him unconference. he woke up -- knocked him unconscious. he woke up briefly last night but will probably have permanent brain damage. a blackened skeleton of a building about all that's left from a 5-alarm fire that we brought you live last night in
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san francisco's mission district. crews are still on the scene investigating, but it could be a while before they take down the building. they say it's on the verge of collapse. piles of merchandise from that former warehouse scattered in the middle of mission between 22nd and 23rd streets. kpix 5's ryan takeo joining us. the other businesses nearby still feeling the heat, so to speak, from yesterday's fire, huh, ryan? >> reporter: that's right, allen. now, this building is dangerous. it needs to be demolished. here's a live look at the family who owns this store. they are seeing right now if there's anything they can save from the burned-out store. you see the inventory across the street here. it's actually lining the other side of mission. now, the fire is out. but nearby businesses are still under pressure. >> yesterday, there was nothing, nobody's coming in here. reporter: it seems the only thing that's visited norm's store lately is smoke. his business house of jeans is open. but he says it might as well be closed to customers. >> if they're coming, they're not buying.
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they say, oh, smell bad if the store. >> reporter: he says his workers might need to wash all the inventory or spray the clothes with air freshener to mask the smoky smell. yesterday's fire near mission and 22nd was right across the street from him and he is directly down wind. today he had a good view of the clean-up. fire crews waited all day for red tape to clear so the building could come down. >> fire building has been compromised. it's going to be demolished. so they are working through their process right now and trying to expedite that so they can get this thing torn down as soon as possible. >> reporter: the department doesn't have an estimate yet on how much damage was done. but as that's being compiled, mom and pop shops that line the area are adding up how much their closures cost them. >> so we have to get -- we lost a lot of business because we shut the doors. >> reporter: maria lost at least $500 yesterday. she says that's a big deal for her and her workers. today was another slow day. >> we have a few cancellations because it's friday and it's very quiet. >> i'm just waiting, you know,
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work to do, put some fans, get some fresh smell. >> reporter: norm said he would rather be closed and focus on clean-up but the pressure of paying rising rent looms over him and that dark cloud will last longer than yesterday's smoke. >> so i kept open. >> reporter: several stores are still closed. the stores on both sides of the store also chiropractor, dance studio down the street, a couple other stores here and there that have been closed since yesterday afternoon. certainly, the true cost goes beyond this one store. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. neighbors say a burning candle may have started another fire early this morning in san francisco. the investigators still have to confirm exactly what happened when that two-alarm fire broke out just before 5 a.m. it started on the third floor of an apartment building on corbett avenue. dozens of people were
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temporarily forced out. no one was hurt. a special honor today for a california highway patrolman who was shot and killed on the job. the interchange of interstate 680 and highway 24 received a new name, the kenyon youngstrom memorial interchange. youngstrom was the chp officer who was shot and killed two years ago during a traffic stop on 680 in alamo. his partner said youngstrom was actually assigned a different freeway that day. >> he came on my freeway to help me, uhm, didn't have to do that. and in doing so, we know the end result. our last conversation, and that was him offering help to me and the keyword is offering help. [ voice breaking ] >> he didn't have to. he did. >> 37-year-old youngstrom was also remembered for his talents outside of his job. >> he was an amazing fun loving guy enjoyed sports, martial arts, videogames, as well as
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gardening and baking. he made outstanding brownies. >> kenyon youngstrom left behind a wife and four children. his organs were donated and used to save at least four lives. the ray mcdonald arrest puts the 49ers to the test. will he or won't he play on sunday? coach harbaugh makes his call and it's setting up a showdown with the nfl. >> a pilot unresponsive for hours. fighter jets scramble and then a deadly crash. the new clues about what went wrong inside a private plane. >> george bush the first one was president, gas cost $1.14 and stamps cost 25 cents. the last time that de la salle high school football team did this. the answer and your forecast coming up. >> and when i looked over over the pole was almost right in my face. >> drive-through disaster. a woman relives a moment she was nearly crushed by mcdonald's giant golden arches.
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well, a controversial decision from the 49ers this afternoon. one of the team's star players will take the field for sunday's season opener despite his arrest on domestic violence charges. >> feel like that -- where the fact are and what's known, that ray is at liberty to play in the game. >> defensive tackle ray mcdonald could be facing felony charges after a house party. san jose police said his pregnant fiancee had visible injuries. coach harbaugh again cited mcdonald's legal due process rights. that is not quieting critics who argue that the team needs to take a stronger stand especially after a number of recent player arrests. the 49ers on the road this weekend but the replacement turf at levi's stadium will get tested this weekend. the stadium set to host a soccer game between mexico and chile. the brand-new field ripped up after the 49ers' first preseason game against the
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broncos. there were complaints about players slipping. california is in a tussle over the $1.4 billion fine levied against pg&e over the san bruno pipeline explosion. state senator jerry hill wants to make sure ratepayers aren't stuck paying for pipeline improvements. he is proposing legislation to move nearly $600 million of the fine to offset rate hikes. as it stands now, customers face $12 billion in rate increases over the next decade. >> we feel that much of that money that goes to the penalty at least 80% of it should go towards the ratepayor benefits for pipe integrity and pipe -- new pipe construction that will relieve the ratepayers of that obligation. >> hill's bill would also establish an independent monitor toover see pg&e's use of customer money for safety upgrades and fund a safety trust for california. a midair mystery a plane crashes after flying off course
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its pilot unresponsive. what may have sent it plummetting to the ocean. >> cobra contained plucked from a southern california neighborhood. a close-up look at this lethal reptile from the safe confines of its new home.
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crews have located an oil slick that may point them to the wreckage of a small plane. it went down off the coast of jamaica after flying down the east coast with no one at the controls. now, veronica, there's a mystery about what happened in the cockpit. >> reporter: liz, the plane was way off course even wandered into cuban airspace before plummeting into the caribbean sea. it had taken off from rochester, new york and was supposed to land in naples, florida. but the pilot ran into some sort of trouble over north carolina and asked to descend. that was the last contact from the plane. the aircraft is like this one, a tbm700 made by socata. the plan can seat up to 6 people. family members have identified the crash victims as larry glazer and his wife. glazer founded a real estate company called buckingham properties. according to his biography, buckingham runs dozens of properties in the rochester area. a company spokesman gave a
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brief statement this afternoon. >> we hope everyone will have their thoughts and prayers with the glazers at this difficult time and that people will be able to respect their privacy. >> reporter: family members say the couple was headed to their vacation home in florida. the pilot was seen slumped over and the windows frosted over which could mean the plane loss pressure cutting off oxygen to the passengers and causing hypoxia. payne stewart had the same problem flying from florida to texas and it coasted for hours before crashing in south dakota. everyone on board that plane died. it is still too early to say that is indeed what happened to larly glazer and his wife. investigators are still trying to find the plane. back to you guys. >> thank you. president obama wrapped up a two-day nato summit at wales
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today addressing ukraine and the response to islamic militants in the middle east. the president says isis cannot be contained. nato members unanimously agree that they have to take action. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the middle east to enlist the help of other countries in the region to take down that group. >> it's absolutely critical that we have arab states and specifically sunni majority states that are rejecting the kind of extremist nihilism that we're seeing out of isil. >> mr. obama also says he is hopeful but skeptical about the cease-fire between ukraine and pro-russian separatists. nato is preparing a rapid response force that could quickly mobilize if a nato ally is attacked. the third american infected with ebola is back in the u.s. today. 51-year-old dr. rick sacra arrived at a hospital in omaha, nebraska for treatment. a team of 35 doctors and nurses will treat sacra in an
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isolation unit. doctors say they may use a serum with antibodies from two other u.s. ebola patients who have since recovered. pretty scary close call at a mcdonald's when the iconic golden arches fell on two cars. looking at the damage, kind of amazing that two people survived this. they were waiting in the drive- through in oklahoma when the golden arches suddenly came crashing down. the pole crushed the passenger side and back seat of the car in front. there was only a driver in that car. he had enough time to move slightly. 74-year-old bernie walls was in the car behind. >> all of a sudden as i was looking at the menu i saw a shadow on my hood and when i looked over, the pole was just almost right in my face. i realized i'm alive and need to do something instead of sit here and scream. >> both drivers taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises.
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a mcdonald's employee says the arches had been creaking and swaying in the wind lately. but having lived and work there three years, the wind always blows in oklahoma. no official cause is determined. a dangerous albino cobra that was caught in southern california now has a temporary home at the l.a. zoo. the deadly cobra is in quarantine and being checked out by animal officials. investigators are trying to figure out where it came from. the snake-bit a dog earlier this week and it was finally caught yesterday after escaping into the thousand oaks neighborhood. cobras are illegal to own here in california unless you have a permit. chief meteorologist paul deanno joining us from concord "friday night lights" stop tonight a little history lesson, as well. you have two top 10 high school football teams there. >> reporter: this is a big football game. it's junipero serra from de la salle. we have the vv game now. these jv guys could probably beat a lot of varsity teams here in the bay area.
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de la salle is a 251-game winning streak against northern california opponents. the last time they lost to a team from the bay area was 1991, george bush the first was president, gas $1.14 and a stamp cost 25 cents. it has been 23 years since de la salle lost a game to a northern california opponent. the varsity game starts at 7:30 tonight. take you outside a little bit hazy and breezy at the golden gate where currently it's 67 in san francisco. 81 in livermore. 74 for santa rosa. 73 in san jose. oakland you're at 68. san bruno 72. on average 3 to 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. overnight tonight a lot of mid- to upper 50s. concord 59. fairfield 58. redwood city 59. san francisco 58 overnight tonight. we have a big ridge of high pressure sprawling over the entire west coast but under that dome of protection, if you will, there is a tiny area of low pressure sitting off the coastline that's feeding in just enough of the onshore flow to keep temperatures this check to keep the morning cloud cover around but give us very
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pleasant and sunny afternoons. so what to expect? low cloud cover, fog back tonight anywhere near the water. temperatures will hang out exactly where they should be for this time of year very close to average right on through the weekend into next week. the only change in our weather will be an increase in high cloud cover on sunday and monday as we're right on the fringe of some tropical moisture from hurricane norbert, which is spinning down near cabo san lucas. tomorrow oakland 72, mountain view 77, santa rosa 78, san jose 80. your extended forecast, right around 90 inland both tomorrow and sunday. a little more cloud cover coming up on sunday. comfortable near the bay continuing upper 60s, low 70s. you want it cooler, the coast high in the lows 60s and three the middle of next week no change in temperatures. keeping the sunshine, 90s inland and mid-70s near the bay. back out here live, this is basically the mecca, the heart of bay area football. we are on the field of de la salle the jv guys on right now.
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at 7:30 tonight two top teams squaring off tonight. de la salle hasn't lost to any bay area team in 23 years. >> should be a fun night and good weather for football. >> should be great. >> let the season begin. >> reporter: good football weather, yeah. >> all right. charged double for a car she didn't want. the rental car mix-up that ruined a vacation and the lesson that could help you.
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and grab capri sun for just $1.88. there's more savings to love... at safeway. it's not unusual for car rental companies to substitute vehicles. sometimes it works in your favor -- sometimes. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on a car switch that went the wrong way. >> this is the vehicle we anticipated. >> reporter: mara reserved a large sturdy truck like this for her family's fishing vacation. >> we wanted something we felt safe with in the mountains. >> reporter: but when she got to the budget rental counter at the denver airport she was
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given this, a smaller suv. >> we're like, no, that's not what we rented. >> reporter: now, rental contracts often specify the company can't guarantee a specific make or model but harrington got an even bigger surprise when she got home from vacation. >> we had not been charged just once but twice for the full price of the rental which was almost $600. >> reporter: once for the truck and again for the suv. and both were deducted from her checking account since she had used a debit card to book the rental. >> we were budgeting very tightly for this vacation. >> reporter: she says she needed that money for bills upon her return and when she called budget a representative said issuing a refund would take some time. >> she let me know that the money would be back in our account in five to seven days. >> reporter: when she asked for a supervisor, she was told -- >> a supervisor could call me back within two days. >> reporter: frustrated, harrington contacted consumerwatch and we contacted budget. the car company said it was still looking into how she got
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double billed but replaced her missing money in 24 hours and covered her overdraft fees. >> five to seven days is too long. >> reporter: budget says it generally it's banks that determine how long it takes to restore money to customer account. this is a good reason why you should put it on a credit card rather than debit card so if you are overcharged or double charged you're not at risk of overdrawing your checking account. julie watts, kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. county hospital doctors drawing attention to their everyday challenges in a unique way. ♪[ music ] [ rap ] >> they're rapping about the day-to-day drugs, shootings and other violence they see. we talk to the doctor behind this music video with a message. >> and a very dry summer but suddenly water springs up out of nowhere. the surprising reason why some bay area creeks are flowing again. those stories and the fans who placed a bad bet on a brand-new bay area sports team, it is all straight ahead at 6:00. see you then. >> thank you. see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. -- and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, have a good night.
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y: pelley: tonight: this time, the president leaves no doubt. >> we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isil. n pelley: the u.s. lines up aglied support for confronting the terrorists in iraq and syria and countering russian aggression in ukraine. reports from major garrett and clarissa ward. jeff pegues on a mystery over the east coast. a pilot goes silent, fighter jets are scrambled, and a plane crashes far off course. joan rivers never recovered from the medical procedure she had here. now the state is investigating. vladimir duthiers has the latest. and thurmond alford went to great lengths to get his dream job. steve hartman "on the road," a very long road. >> we're not there yet, no. captioning sponsored by cbs


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